Bocce Jam T-Shirt

Bocce Jam T-Shirt

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Thank you for your interest in the BOCCE JAM T-Shirts!

What we need from you...

A good quality picture(s) of the people you want on the shirt - the picture must be from the torso/chest up but preferably from the waist up so we can edit it better

People in the picture must not have their arms around others - Ideally we want arms to the side, shoulders and head square with the camera and the only ones in the picture

Attributes/Categories: PICK 4 Categories - Give us a percentage of what each category should be for each player (can add a different category if you do not like the ones below)

Pointing: %
Shooting: %
Clutch: %
Drinking: %
Energy: %

Next is a team name or logo you would like in the middle between the two people on the shirt - you can choose a generic Bocce Bros Logo or no logo or team name at all if you wish!

From there we will send you a rendering of the shirt - we will wait for your approval before making the shirt!

Once we get your approval we will give you ordering instructions!

- The Bocce Bros.