2022 Winners

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2022 Tournament Winners

  • January 14-16

Devils Trucking Doubles 
Cleveland, Ohio

Frank Dicillo • Dave Melaragno

  • January 21st - 23rd
Mt. Carmel Society Winter Tournament
Youngstown, Ohio 

Braydon Micaletti • Robert Stuart • Dante Micaletti • Matt Taylor
4 Aces

    • January 22nd
    NEO Sports Plant Coed Tournament
    Cleveland, Ohio

    Bruce Campbell • Diane Carbon • Debbie Friend • Scott Painter

    • January 30th
    Dog Days of Winter Fundraiser  Tournament
    Youngstown, Ohio

    Tony Iamurri • Diane Sigurani • Anthony Capogreco
    Carmelina Iamurri • Ron Capogreco • Cosmo Iamurri
    Pro Quality Demolition

    • February 12th
    Frozen Balls  Tournament
    Ashtabula, Ohio

    • February 12th
    Youngstown Men's Top 25 Singles
    Youngstown, Ohio

    Dante Chiovitti (Middle)
    2nd: Carl Greenway (Right)
    3rd: Bobby Gentile (Left)

    • February 18th-20th

    Mauro Frate Memorial Doubles - Club Molisani
    Cleveland, Ohio

    Lio Giannotti • Miles Russell
    Highwood Bocce Club

    • February 25th - 26th
    Slovenian Home Kurentovanje
    Cleveland, Ohio

    Joe Palumbo • Dante Micaletti • P.J. Micaletti • Ron Reeher
    Watertight Roofing Systems

    • March 4th - 6th
    Best Of Club Molisani Singles Tournament (Members Only)
    Wickliffe, Ohio

    Sal Santillo

    • March 13th
    Giuliano Romeo Classic Tournament
    Youngstown, Ohio

    Renato Patate • Dennis Strnad • Ron Reeher • Peter Melaragno
    Four Real
    • March 19th
    NEO Coed Doubles Tournament
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Tiffany Zarilla • Jordan Hasson

    • March 20th
    1st Annual Youngstown 55 & Over Random Draw
    Youngstown, Ohio

    Bob Goskie • Rocco DeLisio • Paul Saline

    • March 26th
    Saint Paddy's Co-Ed Doubles Tournament
    Lockport, New York
    Michelle Saraf  • Mike Saraf

    • March 26th
    NEO Doubles Tournament
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Jason Melaragno • Marco Orlando

    • March 31st-April 3rd
    Crickets Bar Tournament
    Youngstown, Ohio

    Dennis Strnad • Dante Lovell • Chris Lovell • Anthony Cugini
    The Bocce Bros.

    • April 9th
    Club Molisani Women's Spring Fever Tournament
    Wickliffe, Ohio
    Tina Hogue • Jolene Marcello • Denise Romanchek • Leslie Readman
    Dirty 30

    • April 28th-30th
    N.E.O. Sports Plant Singles Tournament
    Cleveland, Ohio

    Joe Zdesar

    • April 30th
    St. Anthonys Society Women's Tournament
    Youngstown, Ohio

    Tina Hogue • Jolene Marcello • Leslie Readman • Denise Romanchek  
    ITAM 30

    • May 14th
    Devils Trucking
    Chesterland, Ohio

    Russ Meraglio • Doug Carter • Peter Melragno • Pino Rosatti
    Molisani #4

    • May 21st
    Wickliffe I&A Club Memorial
    Wickliffe, Ohio

    James Pisano • Danny Pisano • Lou Nocera • Tim Wilson

    • June 2nd-5th
    IMBS 2nd Annual Roger Mangerie Memorial Doubles
    Koppel, Pennsylvania

    Matt Taylor • Robert Stuart

    • June 4th
    11th Annual Michele Fasano Three Person - 3 Ball
    Sons Of Italy - Ashtabula, Ohio

    Russ Meraglio • Ron Reeher • Renato Patate

    • June 4th
    5th Annual Bocce Tournament of Champions
    Ontario, Canada

    Valerie Pallotta • Rocco Mastromarco

      • June 9th-12th
      Short Street Bocce Club Super Doubles
      Lockport, New York

      Bill Barnett • Russ Johnson

      • June 11th
      2nd Annual IBT Izzi
      Ashtabula, Ohio
      Dan Tripepi • Michael Trivisonno • Carlo Melaragno • BIlly Batters
      Tripepi Consulting 

      • June 12th
      Cascade Three Person - Cascade Park
      New Castle, Pennsylvania

      Robert Stuart • Matt Murphy • Matt Taylor
      3 ACES

      • June 24th - 26th
      Club Molisani Charities Invitational
      Wickliffe, Ohio
      Dom Aveni • Michael Frabotta • Lodovico Frabotta • Anthony Croce • Dennis Strnad

      • July 7th-10th
      IMBS 38th Annual Four Person
      Koppel, Pennsylvania

      Dante Micaletti  Braydon Micaletti  Matt Taylor • Robert Stuart
      PA's Finest

      • July 9th
      Papa Joe's Ladies Tournament
      Ashtabula, Ohio

      Tiffany Zarilla • Jennifer Hardy  Lee Christman  Debbie Bottiglieri

      • July 10th
      Short Street Bocce Club Fundraiser
       Lockport, New York

      Brad • Leslie  Debi  Shelly

      • July 13th - 16th
      Mount Carmel Festival
      Youngstown, Ohio
      Gary Zarilla • Jordan Hasson  • Tiffany Zarilla  • Eddie Isabella
      State Farm

      • July 14th - 17th
      World Series of Bocce
      Rome, New York

      Felice Scala • Marco Cignarale • Pete Russo • Natale Scala
      Club Vitu Lazio No. 21

      • July 22nd - 24th

      John Anthony Cipiullo (JAC)
      Little Italy, Cleveland

      Ron Capogreco • Dante DeLisio • Anthony Capogreco • Matt Estes-Iezzi
      C&M Roofing

      • July 29th - 31st
      Farrell Italian Home
      Farrell, Pennsylvania
      Pino Rosatti • Frank DiCillo • Renato Patate • Tony Melaragno Sr.
      Molisani #1

      • August 6th
      JAC Cooldown
      Chesterland, Cleveland

      Frank DiCillo • Anthony Melaragno • Marco Orlando .• Pino Rosatti  

        • August 6th
        Ashtabula Festival Scholarship
        Ashtabula, Ohio

        • ? • Scott Painter  • Bruce Campbell

        • August 6th
        Summer Short Street Doubles
        Seneca Falls, NY 
        Mike Saraf • John Villella

        • August 12th - 14th
        Feast of Little Italy
        Cleveland, Ohio

        Anthony Capogreco • Tim Tripepi • Dante DeLisio • Matt Estes-Iezzi
        Tripepi Consulting

        • August 14th
        Mixed Couples Fred Stanfield Memorial
        Short Street Bocce Club - Lockport, New York

        Tom-Jill-Michelle-Mike / John-Lynn-Amy-John

        • August 18th - 21st
        CarmStrong 10 - Carmine Cassese Memorial
        Youngstown, Ohio

        Chris Federico  Felice Scala  Tony Melaragno Sr. • Jim DiFranco
        C.P.F. Home Inspections

        • August 20th
        Sons of Italy Coed Doubles
        Ashtabula, Ohio

        Mike Hilvers • Holly Hilvers

        • August 26th - 28th
        Cleveland Challenge Cup Challenge (CCCoB)
        Wickliffe, Ohio
        Open Division

        Nick Scerra •  Ed Emmanuele  • Tino Emmanuele • Paul Louis III
        North Country Graphics (NY)

        Women's Divison

        Tiffany Zarilla • Lee Christman • Jennifer Hardy • Debbie Bottiglieri
        Bottiglieri's Lawn Care

        • September 4th

        Saint Rocco's Italian Festival
        Holley, New York

        Scott Moreland • Jim Horning • Rick Gill • Phil Sansone

        • September 9th-10th
        American Bocce Company (ABC) Open
        Detroit, Michigan
        Gold Division

        Jose Botto • Natale Scala  Jason Wisniewski • Hunter Gallero
        Palazzo Di Bocce

        Silver Division

        • ?  • ?  • ?

          • September 10th
          Vince Fasano Doubles
          Ashtabula, Ohio

          • September 16th-18th
          Luis Anthony Sigurani 3rd Annual Coed Four Person
          Youngstown, Ohio

          Johanna Jenkins • Ron Reheer • Renato Patete • Bruno Ianetta

          • September 23rd - 25th
          Grimes Mill Four Person
          Lexington, Kentucky

          John Panico • Paul Cugini • Anthony Cugini • Dante Lovell
          The Bocce Bros.

          • September 23rd - 25th
          San Gennaro Festival Doubles
          Rome, New York

          Peter Russo • Marco Cignarale

          • September 23rd - 25th
          IMBS 3 Person Bocce Tournament
          Koppel, Pennsylvania

          • September 24th
          Steve Pelicano Memorial
          Lockport, New York

          John Villella • Will Giegerich • Mike Saraf • JJ Villella

          • October 1st
          Devils Trucking Fall
          Chesterland, Ohio
          Robert Stuart • Matt Taylor • Chris Federico • Jim DiFranco
          C.P.F. Home Inspections

          • October 1st
          Sons of Italy Coed Doubles
          Ashtabula, Ohio
          Deb Painter • Scott Painter

          • October 1st
          St. Anthony's Boardman Girls Golf Fundraiser
          Youngstown, Ohio

          Mike Mancini • Hunter Stellato • Paul Sauline • Jim Fisher

          • October 2nd
          Lockport/Holley Ryder Cup Challenge
          Holley, NY
          Team Holley

          • October 8th

          Alta House Christopher Columbus Classic
          Little Italy, Cleveland

          Michael Trivisonno • Dennis Strnad • Tim Tripepi • Dan Tripepi

          • October 8th
          Youngstown vs PA Ryder Cup
          Struthers, Ohio 

          Team Youngstown

          • October 8th-9th
          Columbus Italian Festival
          Columbus, Ohio
           Matthew McGuire • Phil Tate • Michael McGuire • Robert Swauger

          • October 14th-16th
          Club Molisani Fall Classic
          Wickliffe, Ohio
           Tony Melaragno Sr. • Jim DiFranco • Joe Zdesar • Chris Federico
          C.P.F. Home Inspections

          • October 22nd
          High Stakes
          Chesterland, Ohio

          Chris Federico  Jim DiFranco  Tony Melaragno Sr. • Felice Scala 
          C.P.F. Home Inspections

            • November 5th
            Devils Trucking Womens Fall Classic
            Chesterland, Ohio

            Tina Hogue • Denise Romanchek • ? • ? • Leslie Readman • Jolene Marcello 
            Dirty 30

            • November 5th
            NEO Sports Plant Winter Doubles Classic 
            Cleveland Ohio

            Sal DiGiorgi • Mike Smith

            • November 11th - 12th
            Lone Star Open
            Dallas, Texas

            Travis Bos • Marc Beall • Daniel King • Mark Bigel
            (Huntington Beach Bocce Club - California)


            • November 12th
            Devils Trucking High Stakes Doubles
            Chesterland, Ohio
            Pete Melaragno • Marco Orlando Jr.

            • November 17th -20th
            Crickets Bar & Grill Four Person
            Youngstown, Ohio

            James Pisano • Vern Kurtz • Sean New • Lou Nocera

            • December 2nd - 4th
            LMBA Doubles
            New Galilee, Pennsylvania

            Sean New • Vern Kurtz

            • December 3rd
            The Bocce Bros. Cup
            Cleveland, Ohio

            Anthony D'Altorio • Dom Modarelli • Bo Wetzl • Ben Diaz

            • December 10th-11th
            Il Campione dei Campioni 
            Singles Invitational
            L'Aquila, Italy

            Jose Botto

            • December 9th-11th
            Bessemer Croatian Club Four Person
            Bessemer, Pennsylvania

            Domianna Painting

            • December 16th-18th
            NEO Sports Plant - Winter Classic Four Person
            Cleveland, Ohio
            James Pisano  Lou Nocera  Sean New • Mike Pisano